5 Essential Outdoor Lighting Basics

It’s easy to recognize good outdoor lighting when you see it. In the evening when the sun is setting and you begin to turn on all your lights in your house, one would want it to look warm and inviting. You can create the same inviting atmosphere for your home with a good outdoor lighting plan.


5 Essential Outdoor Lighting Basics 1


Here is a list of five outdoor lighting basics to consider:

1. Safety

Make sure your entrances and paths are well-lit and shadow-free to avoid falls at night. This includes your front entrance, garden paths, and side doors. Stairs should be included in your plan since they are the main causes of injury.

There are a number of ways to light stairs:

  • Individual step lights that are mounted on a post or stair railing.
  • Flexible LED strip lighting, cut to size for each step.
  • Under-tread lights.
  • Standalone bollards or post lights.

2. Security

The security and safety of outdoor lighting might seem to be similar, however, security also includes when outdoor lights come on. One approach is to add motion sensors to your outdoor lighting (so lights turn on when someone enters your property). This includes animals so you may want to be selective if a bedroom overlooks an area with persistent night activity.

Another alternative is to use timers to turn outdoor lights on and off on a schedule. Remember that using a timer set to a consistent schedule when you’re away may not be the best way to secure your home. Smart burglars watch a home before deciding whether or not to act, therefore it may be better to set a contorted schedule.

3. Yard or garden features

The fun part of your lighting plan is deciding which yard or garden features are good suitors for lighting. Outdoor sculptures or terraced gardens are beautiful at night with the addition of lighting.

Water features offer a unique opportunity for lighting. The role of water and light at night is exceptional, and today’s new waterproof LED products are a great way to add drama and beauty to your swimming pool, outdoor ponds, fountains or other water features.

4. Lifestyle

With spring and summer weather, or if you live in a warm weather climate, odds are that you and your family will spend more time outdoors. Everyone’s busy lives make every chance to relax more important, so make sure your outdoor living space is cozy and well-lit when you have time to enjoy it.

You can include a dimming system in your plan so you can increase the lighting level for a party or dim it for a romantic evening. Make your time outside comfortable during hot weather with an outdoor ceiling fan.

5. Energy

If you love the idea of increasing the security and beauty of your outdoor space with lighting but don’t like the thought of a higher electricity bill, don’t worry. Today’s outdoor lighting can be energy efficient if you invest in LED bulbs or fixtures.

LED bulbs used to be far more expensive, but research and competition have resulted in lower prices, so the time to make the change to LED is now. Solar power is an alternative and renewable energy source that will help with saving energy. Most people have heard about the amazing things solar energy can do, which is why it is sad that more people have not taken the step towards converting their homes to solar power. Solar systems that are connected to a backup battery are excellent because enough solar power can be stored to serve your home for a definite duration of time. For more information about Solar Panels, check out our blog.


5 Essential Outdoor Lighting Basics 2


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