Backup Power 101: How to Power your Home & Business

Dealing with frequent power outages can be extremely frustrating, especially when you can’t, or don’t want to, go entirely off-grid. Power outages can be problematic and prove detrimental to homes and businesses. Outages disrupt the normal flow of businesses and homes, limiting their functionality. They can be a double whammy for those who are working from home. 

Given South Africa’s current electricity predicament, more and more people are opting to either get off the grid entirely, or install automatic switchover alternative backup power solutions for when loadshedding or power outages hit. 

The majority of businesses either can’t function at full capacity, or can’t function at all, without electricity. Most business functions require internet connections, equipment or electrical machinery use, etc. The same goes for households; internet connections (especially if people are working from home), appliances use, etc. are all necessary to carry out daily tasks. 

Power outages don’t only affect the larger workings of businesses and households, they can affect the smaller things as well. For example: long power outages can compromise foods in freezers and fridges which will increase household costs to replace the spoiled foods. All in all, power outages tend to become costly occurrences.

It goes without saying that installing backup power measures can balance out the cost scales by making sure your business/household is never without electricity. Although there will be costs involved in buying and installing backup power solutions, the benefits far outweigh the initial and long-term costs.

The question then becomes, which backup power option best suits my business/households’ needs? 

To help you answer that question, here are some of the benefits and advantages of the three most popular types of backup power (Solar backup power, UPS backup power, and Generator backup power):

Backup Solar Power Benefits & Advantages:

  • Empowers small businesses and homes by offering a cost-effective, long-term solution to power outages
  • Cost-effective long-term
  • Eco-friendly, renewable, and sustainable power source
  • Easy to use 
  • Batteries are reliable, safe, and don’t require maintenance
  • Panels are easy to maintain, durable, and have a long lifespan

Backup UPS Power Benefits & Advantages:

  • Quiet while running
  • Doesn’t require regular maintenance 
  • Battery can be charged using grid power or solar power
  • Eco-friendly solution to loadshedding
  • Automatically supplies power during outages without any startup delays
  • Plug devices directly into the mobile power backup

Backup Generator Power Benefits & Advantages:

  • Most cost effective solution, short-term 
  • Has a longer run-time than mobile power backups
  • Doesn’t require as much maintenance as generators that are used continuously 
  • Starts quickly
  • Automatic changeover switches can be purchased

We have a new range of supercharged backup power packages that won’t let you down. Buying and installing an alternative backup power solution will help you keep your home and business up and running, while giving you peace of mind in the process. 

When your electricity goes out, it’s time to make your own. 

Take your power back!

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