Is Solar Really Worth The Expense?

Solar power has moved from being jargon associated with sci-fi movies, and is rapidly on its way to becoming standard. Pretty much everyone knows what it is and how it’s produced. We all know it’s an essentially free, renewable energy source utilising the power of the sun to generate energy for consumption. The specifics of the different kinds of solar power, though, can have the average person wading through slightly murkier waters – especially if you’re not exactly sure what your needs are. You could find yourself paying far more than you needed to.

In one of our previous blogs, we explained what solar is in slightly more detail. Here, however, we will be looking specifically at the benefits of solar in order to help you decide for yourself whether making the switch to solar is worth the associated costs.

Self-Reliance Reduces Bills
Solar isn’t cheap. None of the renewable energy types are. They’re all gradually becoming less expensive, sure. But installing your own renewable energy generator will save you money further on down the road because you are energy self-sufficient. In the case of solar, this saving comes in two forms. Firstly, you spend less money buying electricity from the utility supplier. Secondly, you not only save money but potentially earn some back. Your unused, generated electricity can be sold straight back into the grid to power other homes. 


Unlike wind farms (which require very specific locations for placement), solar energy panels can be put up anywhere since they only require sunshine. This becomes of particular import for places far removed from other sources of electricity.


Typically, most of the costs associated with setting up solar panels comes from the installation process. Thus, when you buy solar, you’re contributing towards the economic growth of the community. 

Low Associated Maintenance Costs

Solar panels, once installed, don’t really require much maintenance. Because most of the rooves of South African are titled, rain water does the job of clearing away most of the debris that could accumulate on your panels. During seasons of less rain, you might want to give them a quick spray with the garden hose, or even use a leaf blower to clean them up. You don’t need to perform this kind of maintenance more than 2-4 times per year, though. Typically, if you  can avoid physical damage to the panels, they’ll continue to work beyond their 25 to 30 year lifespan. You can read up more on solar panel maintenance here


Solar panels are highly durable in general. According to energysage, “Most manufacturers test their panels to confirm that they can withstand high winds and heavy snow loads, and many solar panels are specifically tested to ensure that they can withstand falling hail. Additionally, solar energy systems don’t usually have moving parts, and they require little to no maintenance.” Energysage also recommends making use of a reputable solar, and only purchasing solar panels with long warranties (many come with 10-12 year equipment warranties covering environmental damages and defects). Production warranties last for 25 years and are meant to guarantee that your panels produce above a certain amount of energy. 

Evolving Technologies

Solar technology is still relatively new, and – as such – is still in the process of evolving. With new technological advancements, the face of solar energy is likely to not only continue developing, but also likely to improve in leaps and bounds. Such im[rovements mean that more energy can be harnessed from solar, making it even more appealing.

Throughout the world, there is a growing outcry against fossil fuel powered energy generators. As these opposing voices grow louder, the need for reformation becomes increasingly important. Switching to solar not only saves you money in the long run, but has the potential to drastically reduce your carbon footprint, resulting in a larger scale reduction. It may only be a pebble in a dam right now, but the ripple effect will have far-reaching consequences. Have your solar panels installed by Titan Electrical today, and rest easy knowing that you’re using highly qualified professionals, and making a different to the planet in the process! 




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