Modern Lighting Solutions To Brighten Up Your Home

Considering how much time you spend in your home or office, it should have the best lighting possible. Whether you need basic lighting for daily use, or you want modern lighting solutions like smart lights with motion sensors, we can brighten things up for you. Here are our various lighting services: 

Ballast & Bulb Replacements

Fluorescent lighting solutions require ballasts to limit the flow of current to prevent them from overheating or burning out. We can match the right ballasts to your bulbs.

Commercial fluorescent bulbs generate more heat and magnetic interference, which could disrupt electronic equipment. We can install bulbs and ballasts or evaluate your commercial lighting to help you find energy and cost-efficient solutions.

Lighting Controls

The ability to control multiple lights from a central point is really convenient. This includes the control of smart lights, motion-controlled lights and lights on timers or dimmers. Change the lighting at the touch of a button, or automate the lights so you never have to worry about mistakenly leaving lights on.

Smart Lighting

Control your lights from a tablet or app. Turn on lights if you are going to be out late, or check that you didn’t leave the garage door or gate open. Many circuits can be tied to a smart system letting you connect to them from your phone.

Bathroom and Kitchen Lighting

Bathrooms and kitchens can be changed rather dramatically with a few small lighting changes. These small improvements will boost the resale value of your property while giving it a better look and feel.

Kitchen Lighting Solutions

Recessed Lighting

Add some extra light to a poorly-lit space, or highlight the focal point of a room with recessed lighting.

Motion Sensors

Whether you want to add to your security or just be more energy-efficient, motion sensor lighting can be used both indoors and outdoors for your convenience. 

Holiday Lighting

Celebrate the holidays in style! Holiday lighting is all about turning the outside of your house into a celebration of the holidays. Be the envy of your street with fantastic holiday lights, all managed by one of our electricians.

Retrofit Lighting

Older buildings don’t have the electrical infrastructure required for the latest technologies. We offer retrofit upgrades to electrical systems to avoid power trips, flickering lights and electrical fires.

Commercial Specialty Lighting

We offer all of our lighting solutions for commercial properties too. Surge protection, holiday lighting, recessed lighting, landscape lighting, and security lighting. Whether you need to light your parking lot or spruce up your board room, we have you covered.

Landscape Lighting

From security lighting solutions to improving the beauty and ambience of your outdoor areas, we are happy to help you add value to your property.

Landscape Lighting Solutions

Light Dimmers and Timers

Light dimmers and timers can reduce your energy consumption while also improving the ambience or security of your property. Save on electricity costs with these useful lighting accessories.

Track and Accent Lighting

Add that finishing touch to your trophy cabinet or make an artwork draw more attention with accent lighting solutions. Light up that alcove or draw attention to a specific point of your architecture with these inexpensive and flexible lighting solutions. 

LED Lighting

Switch to more energy-efficient lighting that doesn’t emit as much heat. LED lights don’t flicker and pose fewer health risks than other light bulbs. Save energy and avoid dealing with burnt-out lights.

Our expert electricians are happy to install new lights or help you choose the right option to fit your needs. Save energy and make your property a more enjoyable place to be.

LED Lighting Solutions

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