Lighting 101: Track and Accent Lighting – cheap but highly effective!

So far we’ve covered the basics of landscape/outdoor lighting and the basics of smart lighting, so now we’re going to tackle the basics of two types of lighting:

Track Lighting and Accent Lighting 

Track and accent lighting is inexpensive, functional and practical, and highly versatile and flexible. It’s an excellent way to transform dim, unexciting spaces in your home, garden, and/or workspaces. It lends itself to customization and helps spaces reach their full potential, be it by illuminating beautiful hidden features or just adding a special finishing touch. 

What is Track Lighting?

Track lighting, as the name suggests, is any type of lighting fixture mounted on ceiling track or rail. The rail/track itself supplies electricity to the light fixtures, as opposed to other types of lighting where a bulb is screwed into a socket to access current.  

This allows the light fixtures to move on the track/rail and be positioned and repositioned as desired, rather than being restricted to a single socket point.

What is Accent Lighting?

Accent lighting, also referred to highlighting, serves to emphasize and draw attention to specific focal points or features. Accent lighting is also very versatile and can be used in houses, offices, and in outdoor spaces. It has a range of uses, with common functions being highlighting artwork, fireplaces, statues, architectural features, etc. Overuse, however, can make a space feel cluttered and disorganised. 

Why Install Track and Accent Lighting?

We recommend track and accent lighting to many of our customers for a variety of reasons and purposes, some of which include:

  • Highlighting artwork and photographs
  • Displaying curios, trophies and other objects
  • Lighting up cabinets and alcoves
  • Illuminating a specific area
  • Define separate areas adjacent to one another
  • Creating ambient lighting or task lighting
  • Using different coloured light bulbs to create a distinctive ambiance
  • Create soft, warm tones to set the mood for entertaining
  • Displaying points of interest in your building’s architecture
  • Emphasizing textured surfaces
  • Lighting flower beds, rockeries and water features
  • Making a jacuzzi or swimming pool glow at night

Track and Accent Lighting Outdoors 

Track and accent lighting for outdoor spaces functions exactly the same way as it does for indoor spaces. The only difference comes down to the features being highlighted. Where indoors you may emphasize an art piece on a wall, outdoors you’d likely emphasize a statue or that garden gnome that’s been living in your unruly bushes for the past 2 years. Track and accent lighting would most likely be landscape spotlight fixtures which focus an intense, controlled beam of light on focal points you want to highlight. 

Titan Electrical Landscape Lighting Services

We offer a wide range of landscape lighting services and track and accent Lighting services. We offer complete landscape lighting design solutions with various fittings and elements, including track and accent lighting design and installation. All of our service professionals are properly trained and qualified, fully registered, and knowledgeable about all things landscape lighting!

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