Need Something Installed? Here’s 9 of Our Installation Services

Installation services

Adding anything to your home or upgrading it should be a fun experience. However, they frequently need the use of specialised tools and equipment, as well as a significant amount of time. Our professionals will gladly assist you with our installation services of your new electrical systems, allowing you to relax and enjoy them.

Here are the various installation services we offer:

Backup Power

We can install the full range of backup power solutions. Whether you just want a small petrol generator to make load shedding easier to handle, or you want a comprehensive three phase system with backup batteries and solar power, we can get your property ready for when the mains go offline.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Upgrading older electrical panels will stop flickering lights, protect your electronics and also reduce the risk of electric fires. If you can’t run all your devices at once, or find that your circuit breakers trip often, it is time to look into an upgrade with our installation services.

Circuit Installations and Upgrades

As time goes on, our power requirements change. Add new circuits to your DB board, or upgrade existing circuits to make sure all your electronic devices can work at the same time. Make sure you have the right circuit for the task at hand, be it a computer room, a sauna or just more lights on the property. Circuit upgrades can also add more power outlets, or to bring emergency power into your home.

Pre-Paid Meters

Avoid the hassles of steep bills due to tenants using too much power in winter or an error in meter readings by installing a pre-paid meter.

Earth Leakage

Inadequate earth leakage or faulty breakers can lead to equipment damage, fires or electrocution. We can test your existing earth leakage system to see how well it works and how quickly it turns off in the event of a leak.

Electric Fencing

Protect your property against loss or destruction with electric fences. This added security measure will give you peace of mind and can be added to existing perimeter boundaries.

Fan installation

If it uses electricity, we can install it for you. Whether it is a ceiling fan or an extractor fan, we can install them for you, making your premises more comfortable and pleasurable to be in.

We also offer Installation services specifically tailored to commercial properties, such as:

Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades

As your business grows, so do your energy requirements. Make sure that old electric panels are updated or replaced and that your current system can meet your energy needs, or prepare for the next phase of growth in your company.

Commercial Generators

Protect your business from loss of data or connectivity and keep productivity up even if the power cuts. We can install generators with enough capacity to handle your specific energy requirements.

Whatever you need, our qualified service professionals are happy to assist you with any of our installation services!

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