New South African Plug Standard

Some of our readers may have or may not have heard about the New ZA Plug that has been introduced. Therefore we have written the below article to help you understand what has changed.

The ZA Plug

Currently, the most common plug and socket used in South Africa is the SANS 164-1, the triangular electrical plug. There will be a new South African standard that will be known as SANS 164-2 or the ZA Plug. The new standard looks very similar to the commonly used two-point  Europlug standard which is used on most small appliances. The ZA Plug will incorporate an additional third ‘earth’ pin in the design. This new design will be able to accomodate the two-point Europlug.

Adoption of the ZA Plug is relatively new but the standard is more than a decade old. It was developed as a global plug and socket standard by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in 1986. South Africa and Brazil are currently the only countries who intend to adopt this new standard. Many commercial manufacturers have begun to embrace this new design into their products. It is beneficial for consumers as well as installers to be well informed about the new plug and socket standard. The amendment to the wiring codes, which include the ZA Plug, was introduced in 2016 with it being applicable to new installations as of March 2018.

What this means for you

This means that any new buildings erected must incorporate electrical sockets that conform to the new standard. Each new plug point must have at least one socket that can accommodate a ZA Plug.The SABS introduced the amendment two months early so that, as of January 2018, all new installations must incorporate the ZA Plug.

However, there needs to be no panic over the roll-out of this new standard.According to a statement released by the SABS, the roll-out of the new standard will be gradual and South Africans may still use the old standard. The benefits of the ZA Plug are that it will safer and more cost-effective.

The ZA Plug is more beneficial than the standard plug system as outlined below:

Compatibility – All cell phone chargers and devices using Europlugs will be able to fit the ZA Plug socket directly without the need for an extra adaptor.

Expansive – The current triangular three-prong wall sockets can only securely accommodate two plug outlets. The smaller ZA Plug format can safely accommodate up to four outlets per wall mounted socket.This does away with the need for multi-plug adaptor strips.

Safer – The ZA Plug socket uses smaller openings thereby preventing the insertion of fingers or small objects into the opening.

Smaller – The ZA Plug is smaller and less bulky than the standard triangular three-prong plug taking up less space and weight in transporting appliances


If you are thinking about making the change to the new standard ZA Plug, we do not want you to worry one bit. Titan Electrical will be able to assist any South African Homeowner or Business that wishes to transition to the ZA Plug.

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