Save Energy and Look Good with 1 Easy Tip

Save Energy with LED bulbs!

Normally the only people concerned about the quality of light are photographers, artists, and videographers. Luckily there are no rules about taking something generally reserved for a portrait or setting the scene in a horror novel and using it to make your home or office look better. Light dimmers are inexpensive, save money and save energy – and make a room look better.

Live lightly

Depending on what you use a room for, your lights should match the purpose. A kitchen is well lit to avoid accidents, helping you to see exactly what you are doing and to check the colour of soups, sauces, and cooked meat. But while most homes have the well-lit areas covered, many aren’t thinking about the progression of the evening. In some restaurants, the lights are dimmed as the evening progresses, improving the ambience and making them look so inviting. 

This can be done in your home or office, giving it a different quality. Want to inspire romance, or unwind before bed? Having dim lights will drop the colour temperature, and warmer light can help your body get ready for sleep.

Save energy

On top of this, making the lights slightly dimmer will cause the light bulbs to last longer. A small drop in light brightness will allow your bulbs to last much longer, meaning you spend less money on replacements too.

Every month someone tries to charge us extra, so finding ways to save money is really important. Using light dimmers will drop your energy requirements slightly, which will save you money every month. While lights might not be the biggest energy users by themselves, added up you could shave 10% off your energy bill!

Types of dimmer

There are four major types of light dimmers that you can use in your home. The simplest option is the rotary dimmer, which acts as an on/off switch as well as controlling the brightness of lights on that circuit.

A step up from this is the slide dimmer, which gives you a sliding switch that controls the brightness. These are often replaced with a more modern version, which is a touch screen installed in the wall that has the slide dimmers on the screen.

If you are going for a smarter home, integrated dimmer switches are the way to go. These often include wireless technology, allowing you to control them via your smartphone, or allow them to integrate with your smart home or security systems. This option gives you complete control over timing, brightness and more, while still allowing manual operation from a wall. Nobody wants it to be so advanced that you can’t work out how to change the lights in a room!

Make your rooms come to life with inviting, quality light, or just save some energy and sleep better at night with dimmer switches. With Titan Electrical, we can make install these systems and help you save energy while looking good.

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