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At Titan Electrical , we understand that electrical installations – if you are not a trained electrical technician – can be a nuisance. They take time, focus and often involve sourcing tools and other equipment you may never otherwise need to use. Call us to arrange for our expert team of technicians to take care of all your electrical installation requirements, with professionalism and a smile!


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Home InstallAtion Services

Electrical Panel
Upgrades & Installations

Upgrades to electrical panels are necessary for preventing a range of electrical issues. Adding new, more technologically advanced appliances to homes equipped with older electrical systems presents a range of hazards, such as fire and inability to keep up with demand. Modern panels are a far more reliable solution to meeting your home’s electricity needs safely, when compared to their now outdated predecessors.
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Circuit Installations
& Upgrades

Do your circuit breakers trip often? Does this interrupt your daily life and your productivity at work? Get in touch with Titan Electrical to arrange for expert troubleshooting and affordable repair or replacement of problematic circuit breakers.
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Most homes and businesses use single-phase electricity for basic, day-to-day activities. Installing a pre-paid electricity meter is a wise choice for businesses wishing to properly manage their electricity consumption and avoid nasty surprises on their electricity accounts at the end of the month.
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For electrical installations across the board, the number one priority is the safety of the people, animals and property in the area concerned. Protection from electrical hazards, under normal and faulty conditions, is of utmost importance. Proper earth leakage is one of our specialities – contact Titan Electrical for peace of mind.
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Fan Installation

Extractor fans are a wonderful invention; they avoid damage, mildew and mold in your home by diverting the air, taking moisture, harmful odours and other unwanted elements with it. Trust our team of capable technicians to install the right extractor fans for your home, properly.
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Fan Installation

They may not look it, but ceiling fans are heavy appliances and are extremely cumbersome to install. Keep back-ache and impatience at bay by contacting us to install or repair your ceiling fans for you. Our technicians are speedy, efficient and offer excellent service.
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In areas that are prone to frequent power outages, having a home standby generator is a wise move. Even in areas where outages are less common – a backup plan makes life that much easier. Contact us for your home generator needs, and our team will ensure that you are equipped with the best fit for your home and that it is properly installed and maintained.
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Energy Systems

Green is the new black. Go green – arrange solar power solutions from Titan Electrical . With a little help from Mother Nature, your business stands to reduce its carbon footprint, save on electricity bills and increase in property value. What’s not to love?
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Consumption Meters

In order to know how much you need, you must also know how much you use. This applies to all of the resources required to effectively run a business – and electricity is no exception. Contact Titan Electrical today to arrange the proper installation of an adequate meter, to monitor your business’s electricity consumption. In doing so, you could avoid wastage, over- or under-budgeting for this expense, and a range of related issues.
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Water Heaters

Make the standby losses of tank systems a thing of the past by installing tankless water heaters in your business. These are highly effective at heating water, with the benefits including: reduced energy consumption and decreased operational costs.
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With crime in South Africa being as rampant as it currently is, a high-quality electric fence is vital for all property owners looking to protect their property.
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Commercial InstallAtion Services

Commercial Electrical
Panel Upgrades

Keeping your electrical panel up to date and properly maintained can prevent a range of (expensive) electricity troubles for your business. Save money and time, and focus on what you do best – by contacting Titan Electrical to assess, repair and replace outdated electrical panels at your place of work.
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Your business needs to run smoothly – especially when the power goes out. Stay operational with a backup power generator. We ensure that you are equipped with the best fit for your business, and that your generators are properly installed and maintained.
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Energy Savings

Your business’s operational overheads can fluctuate significantly from one month to the next – especially if electricity usage spikes. Our team of trained, licensed professionals are on hand to assess your electricity requirements and your consumption patterns, and make informed recommendations for how to bring your electricity bill down to optimum levels. Also take advantage of our free electrical wiring inspection.
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