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We say out with the old, in with the renewable! Solar energy is also an eco-friendly, renewable, and sustainable power source. 

Whether you are opting to go off grid entirely or are looking for ways to supplement your household power, there are ample reasons to choose a solar solution. Solar power will save you some serious cash, and save the environment in the process. It’s a win-win money & earth saving solution. It’s an infinite power source that can be used 24/7! Solar power empowers small businesses by allowing them to remain operational, regardless of the electrical state of the country’s infrastructure.

In South Africa, the sun is definitely the most reliable and generous natural resource. According to an article published by the South African Department of Energy, the majority of the areas in the country have an average of 2500 hours of sunshine per year. South Africa’s natural solar resource is amongst one of the highest in the world.

Given South Africa’s current electricity predicament, more and more people are opting to either get off the grid entirely, or install automatic switchover alternative backup power solutions for when load shedding or power outages hit. In order to cope with the ongoing energy problems such as increase in electricity costs and power interruptions currently haunting South Africans, solar power not only makes environmental sense but, also makes financial sense too.

Benefits of switching to Solar:

  • Reduces your electricity bill.
  • Cost-effective long-term.
  • Extremely reliable and low maintenance.
  • Panels are easy to maintain, durable, and have a long lifespan.
  • Increases property value and is more attractive to buyers.
  • Empowers small businesses and homes by offering a cost-effective, long-term solution to power outages.
  • Renewable, clean, and environmentally friendly power source.

Solar Solution Options:

Full Solar

Installing a full solar power system would be the ideal electrical solution, however for many business and homeowners, it isn’t a viable option. A full solar system is an electrical system that relies entirely on solar power, and isn’t connected to an existing non-solar power system. If we use geyser/water heating systems as an example, a full solar geyser is designed to rely solely on solar power and isn’t connected to the grid. 

Retrofit Solar

Retrofit solar systems are essentially systems that convert existing electrical systems or appliances into solar systems/appliances. This option can be costly initially, but is often more practical for homeowners than completely rewiring, restructuring, and replacing existing electrical systems with sull solar systems. Using the geyser/water heating system as an example, a retrofitted solar geyser is a normal grid-powered geyser that is fitted with a solar conversion system (that it was not manufactured with) that allows it to be powered by solar energy.

Backup Solar

It goes without saying that installing backup power measures can balance out the cost scales by making sure your business/household is never without electricity. Although there will be costs involved in buying and installing backup solar power solutions, the benefits outweigh the initial and long-term costs. While your main source of power won’t be solar, you won’t be left without power when the grid decides to, well, drop off-the-grid. Having a backup solar power system installed will be less-expensive short term, and is a viable option for many businesses and homeowners. We have a range of backup solar power packages available now, with the options being tailor made to fit each type of budget.

For the best quality installation and management of solar power systems, always contact a qualified, licenced electrician. 

At Titan Electrical , you are our main focus. Your safety, satisfaction, and needs are our top priority. Our service professionals are all fully licensed and qualified electricians. 

Over and above the backup solar packages available, we offer a range of solar energy services. We also commission made-to-order panels using the Gewiss panel building software, to make sure your individual needs are met.

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