Home Renovations With Outlet Upgrades

Your home renovation isn’t complete without upgrading the functionality and utility of your electrical outlets. When it comes to powering your home and electronics, standard outlets just don’t cut it anymore – you need a variety of plug types just to power the devices you use every day! You’ll be surprised at how much a few simple upgrades can make your life and home more convenient and less hassle-free.

USB Outlets

USB outlets are becoming a necessity for charging your phone, tablet, and other electronic devices. It’s always an inconvenience to lose that two-pronged white adapter. But if your outlets are equipped for USBs, your life is slightly less stressful (no more frantic digging to plug in before that last 5% is gone!). USB outlets are becoming a standard feature in homes. You can easily plug in your device while you’re in the kitchen, home, office, or bedroom with a USB upgrade. In fact – the
more the merrier!

Home Automation System

If you’re planning on installing a number of smart home products during your home renovation project, a smart home system can help you automate the function of pretty much every device. A smart home system offers compatibility with a range of individual devices across several standards, and it may integrate directly with your digital voice control assistant (which does also give you extra bragging rights and quite a few opportunities to show off).

Drawer and Cabinet Outlets

If you’re undertaking a bathroom renovation, adding an outlet inside a drawer or cabinet is a way to conveniently power electric razors, hairdryers, and other styling tools (not to mention recharging that electric toothbrush). If you add in a USB plug as well, you can keep your phone charging while you primp and preen to face another day in the concrete jungle.

Charging Stations

Install a couple of plugs in the back of a drawer and let your devices charge without the unsightly wires sprawling everywhere. There are also fewer obstacles to trip over, and hiding your wiring will create a far more aesthetically pleasing environment.

Recessed Outlets

Recessed outlets in the kitchen are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason! Keep your kitchen surfaces free from wires by conveniently hiding those not-so-pretty plugs. There are a variety of pop out outlets that let you stylishly hide your outlets when you don’t need them.

Motion Sensors and Smart Security Options

While it’s still very possible to do in a home when it does not require repairs or upgrades, automating your home security can be much easier to do during a renovation because it’s that much more convenient. Adding sensors that detect motion, door or window access, broken glass, smoke or carbon monoxide, and flooding are individual components that can be integrated into an automation system and customised to the unique layout of your home.

When you tie an alarm panel into a home automation system, you can even receive alerts on your mobile device if any door or window has been accessed, or instantly turn on every light in the house, or even have the lights repeatedly flash to alert neighbours of a potential break-in.

If you’re in need of a little help upgrading your home and/or outlets, we’d love to give you a hand with your renovations! Contact Titan Electrical today to find out more.




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