Light Up Outside Spaces with Accent Lighting

How is your garden looking? If you’ve pulled out all the stops to perfect your garden, installed stone paths and pruned back the trees, you’re undoubtedly proud to admire your garden during the day. Are you disappointed that it all disappears into the darkness at night? The solution is to light up the outdoors with accent lighting.

Types of Outdoor Accent Lighting

You have a wide variety of outdoor lighting options to choose from:

  • Post lighting: Various design options let you choose posts that add character and ample illumination to your property.
  • Underwater lighting: If you have a pond or a pool, get more from it at night with underwater lights.
  • Tree uplighting: Trees can be illuminated from beneath with a well light installed flush with the ground. Uplit trees have an elegance about them that adds undeniable beauty to your property.
  • Garden lights: Bring your planting beds to life at night with small posts topped with bulbs that reflect downward. These types of lights are also perfect pathway markers.
  • Driveway lights: Lighting the driveway makes the entrance to your home welcoming for guests.
  • Spotlighting: Illuminate any part of your home’s exterior you want, such as a unique architectural feature, with flood lights.
  • Wash lighting: If you want to brighten a flat facade, privacy fence or garden wall, wash lighting throws out a soft, diffused beam perfect for this application.
  • Hanging lights: Whether you want to light your covered porch or illuminate an outdoor dining area situated beneath a pergola, hanging lights are the perfect option.
Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

What is the main reason you want to install landscape lights? Odds are you’re hoping for a combination of benefits. These may include:

  • Added garden appeal: The most common reason to pursue outdoor accent lighting is the chance to increase the home’s beauty at night. Whether your plan is to light a stone path, set up lamps in the garden, or position uplights to illuminate the trees, outdoor lighting is largely about boosting your garden’s appeal.
  • Entertaining: Do you wish you had a nice outdoor space to entertain friends and family? Lighting is an important component if you want the fun to continue after dark. Guests appreciate the beauty as well as the added illumination provided by accent lighting, making outdoor entertaining possible at night.
  • Outdoor safety: It’s easier to get around your garden after sundown with landscape lights glowing in the darkness. With your path illuminated, you’re less likely to lose your footing. Underwater pool lights also make swimming at night safer and more fun.
  • Added home security: Driveway lights and spot lighting are two specific techniques to turn off prowlers. When your home is well lit from the outside, burglars will think twice before trying to break into your home.
  • Increased home value: If you’re planning to sell your home soon, outdoor accent lighting could be a feature that pushes buyers to put an offer on your home. You might even be able to justify a higher asking price after adding the improvement.

Titan Electrical offers complete landscape lighting design and installation. Whether you want to add a single light to illuminate an impressive tree or you want a dramatic improvement to your property with full-scale outdoor lighting, Titan Electrical has you covered. Our team of experts is dedicated to working closely with you on the exact design you want. Then we implement superior craftsmanship to ensure you’re satisfied with the finished product.

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