Tips For Load Shedding

Load Shedding

We all know the term “load shedding’ far too well, that feeling of being helpless when the power is cut off and you are left in the dark. With load shedding schedules causing chaos, many households and businesses are suffering inconveniences. As a result, reliable and cost-effective alternative energy sources are much needed!

How Solar Power Can Help

Solar power is an alternative and renewable energy source that needs no introduction. Most people have heard about the amazing things solar energy can do, which is why it is sad that more people have not taken the step towards converting their homes to solar power.

Some people will tell you to make use of generators during this load shedding crisis which can actually become quite a dull task. Generators can be costly because of the amount of fuel that they use as well as noisy, they are also difficult to start up. So for the greener alternative, solar power is the backup power option to choose. With more than 2,500 hours of sunshine averaged a year, making use of solar power can most definitely help you survive load shedding with ease.

For those who want to stay connected to the national grid and have a smaller backup power system to use, solar panels can be a great option. Solar systems that are connected to a backup battery are excellent because enough solar power can be stored to serve your home for a definite duration of time.

Solar Power Tips

With the help of the Soventix website, we have compiled a list of solar power tips to get you through the load shedding without stress.

Tip #1: Generating electricity with solar

Nowadays, solar power systems for the home are now relatively affordable. Making use of solar power storage battery allows your home or business to continue functioning.

Tip #2: Solar lights to beat the darkness

Candles can be quite nice to use and create a cosy atmosphere but they can also be quite a nuisance, especially if load shedding is a regular occurrence. Solar lamps and jars kept outside in the sunlight can easily be brought inside during load shedding.

Tip #3: Solar geysers

Geysers can usually account for up to 50% of a household’s electricity bill, which is why investing in a solar geyser is not only great for beating load shedding but also great for lowering your monthly electricity bill.

Tip #4: Solar chargers

Getting home from work to discover that your power is off is very frustrating. Thankfully, solar power device chargers exist, allowing you to beat load shedding and continue using your mobile appliances until the lights switch back on. Keeping the solar charger on your dashboard during your drive home, or placing it in a room that receives much sunlight during the day, is a great way to ensure that none of your devices will become a casualty of load shedding.

Tip #5: Solar cooking

As much as we love to braai, it can become a bit much if load shedding forces you to braai every day. This is where the solar cooker comes in to save the day. Solar cookers are affordable, and can even be made as a DIY project. With over 65 different types available, they can be used as an oven, they can roast meat, bake bread and even steam vegetables.

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